Bridges to Care San Antonio

BTCSA builds connections between congregations and service providers, trains people to be companions with one another for mental and behavioral health, brings hope and compassion to our city through cohorts of congregations in each district, and makes known the resources available to all for continued wellness.

Bridges to Care San Antonio (BTCSA) came into being through two efforts in Our City – the annual Pathways to Hope Mental Wellness conference and the City’s Faith-Based Initiative. Both their visional missions converged into activating congregations as places of mental health and community wellness. Adapting an effective Bridges to Care model in St. Louis, BTCSA officially began on October 1, 2020.

For further information, Contact Bridges to Care San Antonio Project Coordinator, Geri Gregory

To see a Map of our current Congregational Cohorts in formation & training, click HERE. (Thanks to for the map!)

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