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NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group is a free, peer-led support group for any adult who has experienced symptoms of a mental health condition.

NAMI Connection follows a flexible structure without an educational format. The groups offer a casual and relaxed approach to sharing the challenges and successes of coping with mental illness.

You will gain insight from hearing the challenges and successes from others, and the groups are led by trained leaders who've been there.

  • Free of cost to participants

  • Confidential

  • Led by people with mental health conditions

  • 60-90 minutes groups with regular weekly meetings each month (locations vary)

  • Designed for adults (18+) with mental health conditions

  • No specific medical therapy or treatment is endorsed

What You Gain

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group will help you:

  • Aim for better coping skills

  • Find strength in sharing experiences

  • Not judge anyone's pain

  • Forgive ourselves and reject guilt

  • Embrace humor as healthy

  • Accept that we cannot solve every problem

  • Understand that mental health conditions are no one's fault and can be traumatic experiences

What People Are Saying

“… People can solve problems [at a NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group]. It isn't just a bunch of sad stories; people are coming up with solutions and stuff to do for the next week. One of our group attendees is taking her meds and getting herself to her counselor and is just about able to go back to her career in great part due to Connection.”

"NAMI Connection has enabled me to take a good look at my illness and see that I am not alone. The program has given me additio
nal tools to not only accept my illness, but to help others along the way."

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